About Zentangle

About Zentangle

Drawing repeated patterns has always been a part of every ancient and modern culture, and its exciting to know that in today’s world, where everything is digital and virtual out here, the idea of the infamous, yet most interesting methods of pen-drawings like doodling, mandalas, tangling, is being revived again by the artists. The web, has revived and made it possible, and today we have thousands of patterns emerging and artists who keep getting inspired by the nature is coming up with many new forms of tangle patterns.

Zentangle Method has been created by co-founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, where Rick, with his philosophy of ‘Zen’ and Maria, who is a very talented lettering and botanical artist is the ‘Tangle’. Together, they brought in Zentangle – a form of drawing structured repetitive patterns which is meditation and mindful creativity; which instills a sense of calm and inspires confidence in the individual practicing it. According, to the philosophy of Zentangle – “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time“. To learn this form of art, one need not be a versatile or have any pre-interest in drawings;  as these patterns are deliberately broken down into simpler step-outs, in an easy-to-follow format, so that anyone could create beautiful images by repeating the patterns, that are known as tangles. Zentangle, is the form of art, where the process of tangling is as beautiful as the end result. Many a times, artists does not know, how the tangles would come out, but one simply pays attention to the repetitive tangles and the end result is amazing.

Zentangle is very different from Doodling or zen-doodling. Though both involve repetition of patterns, yet doodling is done in a more fun-way, where one need not be in his mindfulness. Doodling is usually done, when a person is having trouble paying attention to something very important or stressful like a lecture, or a client-phone call, or while listening to music or talking to a distant friend. It helps one soothes the process of listening/paying attention. Whereas Zentangle is about Mindful creativity. One cannot listen to music or do anything else while zentangle, as process of zentangle involves being “fully focussed” in “NOW”. Even the tools that are used creating a Zentangle, is of a high quality, as zentangle is all about enjoying the process and its going to be there for you, for a very very long while.

Zentangle in recent years has gained a lot of momentum and has become famous, because of its healing process too. It helps one to cope up with anxiety, depression, loss, grief, pain, and other forms of problems of physical and psychological issues. I will discuss upon this issue in later of my posts too.

The original Zentangle art is created on a tile or ‘ a zentiles – colloquially used by the zentanglers’ which is of 3 1/2 inch square. The official Zentangle tile is created from Fabriano Tiepolo paper (available on the official Zentangle.com website or any other good art shops), but some use just good-quality card stock. Any artwork bigger than this size is categorized as Zia or Zentangle Inspired Art. Anyone can start with zentangle, using the official Sakura Micron 01 pen, a high quality or Sakura 2B soft pencil or even the official Zentangle Pencil, a blending stump and a high-quality card stock. The official Zentangle website provides starters kit too.