Forpe Tangle Pattern

As I was enthusiastically drawing Forpe on my desk, my daughter Akshara, peeked into it, and mentioned that the tangles looked like petals. And it was her suggestion to keep the Tangle Name as Forpe (‘For’ as in Four and ‘Pe’ as in Petals).


Color Me Calm

Color Me Calm: Post 01 Few years back, when I went to a stationery store, to purchase board game for my daughter, I saw a huge pile of coloring books for adults. I giggled and shrugged my shoulders, and murmured within “how boring” , and I just walked away. Little I knew that I would…

6 Out of 9 Tiles

I could not keep up with my last week’s challenge, so will post both the week’s challenge together. Hubby’s old friend had come over to stay with us. She and her kid stayed with us for 10 days. In the day time, she would go for her dance practice classes and in the evening when…

HeartZen 02

Last week, in one of the facebook group, weekly challenge (Yeah, I play and participate in lot of games), MargaretBremner’s String was the focus theme. After the Irma Hurricanes hit the shores of the Atlantic, I felt deeply affected by imagining the devastation caused by them. My memory lane took me back to the earthquake…


With intentions and prayers for the souls who are Going through hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, created this little piece. Prayers sent to my friend at Sint Maarten (not heard from her since last one week), but hoping that she and her family will be all well and safe.